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Reality Check

Getting into medical school is daunting, especially when you consider that more than 50,000 people apply each year and less than half are successful.

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The Numbers

There were 52,777 applicants during the 2018-19 admissions cycle.

  • Applicants applied to an average of 16 medical schools
  • 21,662 matriculated 
  • 31,115 received rejections from every medical school where they applied

In other words, 59% of applicants were rejected from all of their medical school choices.

Getting into medical school is about more than metrics (GPA & MCAT)

More than 10% of applicants with the highest GPAs and MCATs are rejected from every school where they apply.

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Planning & preparation are essential

Competitive medical school applicants tend to share the following:

  • appropriate GPA & MCAT for your selected schools;
  • rich and relevant experiences;
  • a personal statement that connects who you are and what you believe in with what you have done (remember actions speak louder than words alone so be sure to connect your statements with experiences); and,
  • letters of recommendation that confirm and even add to your story.

Meet the Founder

Adam Lowrance, PhD

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I have worked at public and private universities across the country. Since 2013 I have focused on medical school admissions. Some of the accomplishments I am most proud of include:

  • evaluated and made admissions decisions on more than 15,000 medical school applicants
  • designed and built an applicant selection process for one of the largest medical schools
  • focused my doctoral research on the AMCAS primary application (visit the Articles page for links to my dissertation, blog posts, and other works). 

I now help students become competitive medical school applicants.

To learn more about me, please visit the About page.

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