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Apply with SuccessTM empowers students to become competitive medical school applicants.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Apply with SuccessTM (AwS).

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Meet the Founder

My expertise is built on more than a decade of college admissions experience. 

  • masters and PhD in education leadership and student development 
  • scholarly research on medical school admissions
  • review and evaluation of more than 15,000 medical school applications
  • re-design of a medical school’s holistic review process

Additionally, I have conducted research and presented on a range of topics:

    • data-driven admissions
    • student attrition
    • holistic review
    • the Disadvantaged Status question in the AMCAS primary application

I live with my wife, Dyane, and our dog, Frankie. 

Dyane is a doctor of podiatric medicine and director of clinical affairs for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Frankie helps me answer email and likes to join in on meetings with clients.

Whether I have the opportunity to work with you, or simply provide you information here on the website, I wish you the best in all of your pursuits.

A Different Kind of Experience

Clients Are Never Handed Off

Every client works with me from start to finish.

A Benefit Company

Apply with SuccessTM was designed from the ground up to be different. AwS is a Benefit company, registered and approved by the state of Maryland in 2019.

Unlike traditional for-profit businesses, a Benefit company balances profit with social good. AwS works to ensure that any member of society has access to quality medical school admissions resources.

In addition to free resources on this website, AwS offers coaching, presentations, and workshops.
As you make your decisions, you are encouraged to explore the backgrounds, credentials, and prices of other consultants.

AwS is always looking to partner with other organizations that serve students and families.

A message for Parents/Guardians & other members of an applicant's support network

involvement is encouraged

Your decision to work with me indicates that you are already involved in your student’s development. I want you to remain involved. 

I encourage parents/guardians and other trusted members of a student’s support network to join in on meetings (phone calls, video conferencing, in-person, even emails). 

The path to medical school is arduous and with many distractions. 

Joining in on the process will help ensure your student has the best possible support.

Comments on the State of Medical School Admissions Consulting

Admissions consulting has earned a poor reputation. Consultants lacking in deep admissions knowledge are eager to charge high prices in exchange for advice that is often generic, or even worse—incorrect.

Many medical school admissions consultants are current medical students or recent graduates. While some of them had the opportunity to participate on admissions committees, let’s consider who is involved in the admissions process.


Staff may include a director or assistant director of admissions and other employees who work on behalf of the medical school.


Faculty include physicians and non-medical degree holding educators.


Many medical schools have current students on the committee. Student members of the admissions committee participate in interview days, contribute to discussions at committee meetings, and vote on candidates.

Given their limited role in the admissions process, why are so many admissions consultants current students or recent graduates?

They must know there are others with more knowledge of the admissions process. What motivates them to describe themselves as experts? Should they be doing this? Is it ethical?

An Alternative

I have contemplated the aforementioned questions for years; it is part of the reason I started Apply with Success. If future applicants and their families are going to seek professional help to prepare for medical school, we need people with expertise in medical school admissions and student support.

This is who I am.

This is what I do.

-Adam Lowrance, PhD
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