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I am so glad you are here. 

Whether you are a student or parent interested in how to become a competitive medical school applicant, or staff/faculty looking for help with admissions research and quality improvement, I am here to help. 

I hold both a masters and PhD in education leadership, culminating in a dissertation focused on the Disadvantaged Status, an optional designation presented to medical school applicants in the AMCAS primary application. You can find a link to my dissertation here.

My expertise is built on more than a decade of college admissions experience. In that time, I have reviewed and made admissions decisions on more than 20,000 medical school applicants. While I continue help medical schools with admissions research and applicant selection, I now work with students, helping them to become competitive applicants.

I live with my wife, Dyane, and our dog, Frankie. 

Dyane is a doctor of podiatric medicine and senior medical director at the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Frankie is manager of treats and other office supplies.

Whether I have the opportunity to work with you, or simply provide you information here on the website, I wish you the best in all of your pursuits.

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A Message for Parents/Guardians

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Your decision to work with me indicates that you are already involved in your student’s development. I hope you will remain involved. 

I encourage parents/guardians and other trusted members of a student’s support network to join in on meetings (and send me emails whenever you have questions). 

The path to medical school is arduous and with many distractions. Joining in on the process will help ensure your student has the best possible support.

Comments on the State of Medical School Admissions Consulting

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Medical school admissions is confusing. There are plenty of people eager to help—for a fee.

Regardless of whom you choose to work with, I encourage you to ask questions. Find out if they have reviewed and made decisions on medical school applicants. If so, how many, and over what period of time? Find someone who will give you a free consultation so you can learn whether working together is a good fit. 

Stay positive. Medical school admissions is confusing. Simply by being here in this little corner of the Internet, you are in the minority of people who care deeply about becoming a competitive medical school applicant. 

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